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It’s with great pleasure and excitement that we present a new series of Curtis Radio shows, announced as «Curtis Radio Meets», where we expand the «10 songs» format to include a conversation with an artist and/or music aficionado from any corner of the world, who wants to share his music and thoughts and vision with us. In our first instalment of the series we are so honored to present Brazilian composer, musician, voracious record collector and al-round «bon vivant», Ed Motta. He is presenting his just released new album (the 14th in his extended impeccable career), beautifully titled «Behind The Tea Chronicles» (MPS/Germany) and is also keen and generous to share his precious insight with us about production techniques, the importance of mastering, sound textures, comics, cinema, world travels, food, good wine, Steely Dan, and the pleasures of live in general. Thank you Ed Motta!! we absolutely loved the talk and welcome all our beloved listeners to our new Curtis Radio Meets series. More to come, watch this space. Sit back, relax, press play and enjoy the show. Ed Motta ladies and gentlemen!