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We at Curtis are longtime fans of Rainer Trüby. A constant and always reliable source of music discovery thanks to his DJ sets, productions, remixes, compilations, Trüby Trio, Compost, Sonar Kollectiv, Glücklich, Brazilian music, A Forest Mighty Black…all consistently dope, never a bad note, music for the soul. We met Rainer personally when our local duderino and Curtis skipper Guille de Juan worked at Sonar office, many moons ago, back in the nineties. A staple in the Barcelona festival and club circuit for a long time, we’ve enjoyed and danced to Rainer’s sets many times. We are so honored and  happy to have him in our Curtis Radio series. So sit back, relax, crank the volume up, and enjoy a deep musical journey in ten songs, handpicked with love by Rainer Trüby