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We met Nickodemus about 15 years ago in Barcelona at a common friend’s dope music basement and tasty Mexican restaurant called Dostrece. We were already big fans of his music and his globe-trotting gigs when we got to shake hands with this good man. But getting to meet the person Nico Simone behind the revered artist Nickodemus, only increased our admiration and respect for him. He is not only an outstanding DJ and a very accomplished producer of global beats, but most importantly he is a compassionate, beautiful, peace-loving human being who understands the power of music to spread love and break borders. His worldwide touring schedule (managed by himself) is dazzling, millions of miles travelled across the world on a noble mission to spread positive vibes and unite peoples through the transforming power of music. One Nation Under a Groove, you know. So it is with great pride and excitement that we present today a very special Curtis Radio episode, introducing 10 important songs that Nico keeps close to his heart. So sit back, relax, turn the volume up and enjoy the musical journey. If you are in Barcelona do not miss his next show on November 11th playing at the historic ballroom La Paloma for our friends at the mighty Poly-Rythmo night. It’s going to be such a vibe!