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Important Curtis Radio Show Alert! Today’s very special guest in our Curtis Radio «10 songs» series is none other than Amir Abdullah. Amir is part of Hip Hop history as a sample excavator, music historian, compilation curator and DJ who’s already acknowledged alongside some of his childhood heroes. As a DJ he’s rocked parties from Brooklyn to Berlin, where he’s been based for the past few years; as a producer he reinterprets classic cuts into innovative remixes; as an educator he lectures on topics ranging from cultural appropriation in Hip Hop to the history of independent jazz; as a radio DJ his monthly residency for Worldwide FM, The Khronicles, airs every first Tuesday; and as a curator and label executive he’s responsible for over a dozen releases for his label 180-Proof Records. Those «On Track» and «Off Tracks» Kon & Amir compilations for BBE Records hold legendary status among record diggers and are a sort of Holy Grail of groove based music. His latest release, distributed by BBE Records, is DJ Amir presents Strata Records -The Sound of Detroit Volume 1 and an album he executive produced and is particularly proud of: Strata Records – The Sound of Detroit – Reimagined by Jazzanova.
So it is with great pride and excitement that we present this new Curtis Radio episode, curated with love by Amir Abdullah and unearthing ten rare, pure, soul lifting musical jewels for our listening pleasure. Turn it up!