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Oli Stewart aka Casbah73 is our very special guest for the 22nd episode in our Curtis Radio «10 songs» series. Born in NYC and based in Madrid, he moved to the UK in the 90s where his DJ game was enriched and solidified when he got immersed in the flourishing rare groove, soul, funk, disco and house musical scene. His quest as a voracious digger and professional record dealer takes him around the world in search of the rarest, most elusive and precious slices of wax. As a result his collection grows to monumental proportions. Back to Madrid in the year 2000 he puts all his knowledge and experience to work both in DJ booths and the recording studios, achieving an original and very distinctive Casbah 73 sound and producing a string of high quality releases for labels like Lovemonk, Hitop, Glitterbox/Defected…Picking up only 10 songs out of a 18000 collection must be a big challenge. He sure did it with finesse and much style, but don’t take our word for it. Just press play, turn it up and find out…Casbah 73 Love for you all!