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They say that there are 2 eras in modern music. The one that came before the invention of the Roland TR-808 drum machine and the era that came after. We believe that statement to be true. Such is the massive influence of that seminal and powerful machine in the music that we play and listen today. And if there is a particular genre intrinsically linked to the sounds and drum patterns of a Rolant TR-808 machine that is obviously Electro. From Kraftwerk, to Afrika Bambaataa to Drexciya among many others, the fantasy of a sound produced by robots that have a human soul has intrigued and seduced and influenced us in many ways. Today in our Curtis Radio «10 songs» series, we are delighted and honored to present a very special guest that belongs to that original lineage of electro originators. The Egyptian Lover is one of the most prominent and creative ambassadors of that happy crossing where electro and funk get together. He is electrofunk royalty, a cornerstone of a hybrid sound (electro + funk) that we love so much because it instantly makes us shake our asses and feel good. So press play, turn the volume up and enjoy 10 songs that really matter in The Egyptian Lover’s world.