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Important Curtis Radio Transmission Alert!! Today we proudly present a very special program curated by none other than Shawn Lee, the great multi-instrumentalist musician originally from Wichita-Kansas and living in London, who has developed a career so rich and extensive that it is just impossible to describe here in a few lines.
Singer, drummer, songwriter, producer, collector of musical jewels, library music specialist…from his early musical steps in the local Baptist Church of his hometown, to linking up in L.A with The Dust Brothers and Jeff Buckley among many other musical luminaries, to the late 90’s move to London and his work for seminal labels like Talkin Loud, Wall Of Sound, Ubiquity and highly aclaimed projects like Ping Pong Orchestra or Young Silver Fox, join us today on this journey in ten songs as curated by one of the modern music icons of our times. Shawn Lee ladies and gentlemen. Press play, enjoy & learn!