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…slowly but surely we reach the 20th episode in our beloved CURTIS RADIO «10 songs that really matter» series. And to mark such special occasion we are very proud to present Mark GV Taylor, an essential reference point for all lovers of groove based music around the world. Soul, disco, jazz, Brazilian music, AOR music, boogie, rare grooves, northern soul…you name it, Mark GV Taylor has a deep understanding and passion for all these genres and shares the knowledge and spreads the gospel from all possible fronts. Radio, top-shelf compilations, music journalism and oh yes…he’s a DJs DJ too. So it is a great pleasure and an honor to present a 10 magnificent tunes selection as curated by Mark GV Taylor for Curtis Radio. You know them stakes is high, when we dealin’ with the vibes…vibrations.
Mark GV Taylor, Ladies and Gentlemen. Press play, turn it up and get your groove on!