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One day about 4 years ago, a week before Curtis was even open to the public, this man walked by, read our sign, smelled vinyl, and sneaked in under the half-closed metal door.
– are you guys open?
– well, not really. We are here just getting things ready to open…soon
– do you mind if I take a quick look at the records?
– yes man, no problem. Have a look
10 minutes later he approached the till with a pile of 300€ worth of records.
He paid and left with a smile on his face and a stack of new wax under his arm.
Wow! This causal encounter sure gave us a massive boost of confidence. We thought «…well, in the end maybe there is going to be a public who will appreciate our simple concept of a bar devoted to our love for good records and good sound. We were not so sure about it back when we were starting.
The man, being an old-school DJ and a voracious record collector, came back every single week after that, looking for more records and a Vichy Catalan sparkling water on ice and lemon
Talking to him we discovered that we have met each other about 3 decades ago, when he was a battle DJ and member of a breakdancing crew, and later when we were producing club music for the same local record label. Small world.
His Curtis Radio 10 songs of choice are testimony to his excellent taste in music and an instinct for finding and playing classy uplifting beats and grooves that make you feel really good. So sit back, relax, turn the volume up, and enjoy Pedro Generelo’s impeccable 10 songs selection for Curtis Radio.