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We met Gino Grasso and Luca Trevisi aka LTJ Xperience, two of the finest DJs and most avid record collectors from Italy, in Soundcloud. Back then the platform was a very fertile and active hub for music discovery and exchange for likeminded music lovers from around the globe. We instatly connected with the deep, slow but heavy on the beats and bass, discofied dope sound they were releasing, and we bought and had all their releases and edits in constant rotation in our sets. Next natural step was to invite them to deejay at some of our Playtime events in Barcelona, and then we became good friends. Music has this power. It’s a universal language that creates powerful and long lasting bonds. The bio and list of achievements in Gino’s extended 4+ decades career is too long to be listed here so we will keep the bio stuff short and let the music play and do the talking.
Just check out G&D (the project he shares with fellow groove master Dino Angioletti)or the essential compilation curated for BBE Recordings with his brother Federico as The Grasso Brothers «We Know How To Boogie», or this new Curtis Radio episode right here, and you will understand the level of knowledge, passion, dedication and the immense depth and value of Gino’s record collection. So it’s with great joy and excitement that we present today the 29th installment in our beloved Curtis Radio «10 Songs» series, masterfully handpicked by our amigo and disco Don Gino Grasso. Turn it up and get your groove on, Gino sure knows how to boogie!