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Numbers are important. They let us humans understand and anchor our possition in relation to time, space and the cosmos. Ever since the days of early civilizations, people have used numbers to keep track of time, predict the future, and map out the stars. One sunny June afternoon in Barcelona, while chatting with trailblazer DJ and voracious record collector Ben* (Turntablejazz/Yasiin Bey’s DJ/Love Wax-Cologne+Tunis) about our Curtis Radio show, we mentioned that in a complete 12 months season we have released a total of 27 episodes from a carefully handpicked selection of DJs, record collectors, artists & musicians from across the globe. He expressed instant interest in doing a show, and said he would like to participate with a «10 songs» episode that would be number 28. The 2 and the 8, that is a number that means to Ben*, he has a personal project related to that particular sequence of numbers. And here it is. Press play, turn it up and dive deep into these 10 beautiful and soul-lifting songs that Ben* keeps very close to his heart. Being a seasoned record digger with true love for the vinyl format for more than 25 years, Ben* has conceived his selection as a concept vinyl album. Side A (or part 1) containing 5 songs, 4 of them from his current favorite artist Kahil El Zabar plus «Harvest Time», an eternal spiritual jazz cut from recently passed genius Pharoa Sanders. Side B (or second part of his selection)where he takes us on a more uplifting and spacey path of uptempo grooves with 5 rare gems that will induce body movement while still keeping the spiritual element and touching the heart & mind.
Curtis Radio show guest selectors can present their 10 desert island records or they can focus on a particular genre or pick 10 tunes from their last favorite producer. The songs can be in random order and unmixed or smoothly blended in the form of a mini DJ set. It’s a free format with just one rule. Only 10 songs. Not 6 not 14. Only 10. So let’s now count like Kraftwerk in our robotic voice, and feel the importance of numbers…
Eins, zwei, drei, vier
Fünf, sechs, sieben, acht
One, two
Un, deux, trois
Uno, due, tre, quattro
Un, deux, trois
Uno, due, tre, quattro…