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4 is the magic number too. And here we are serving right out of the oven and still sizzling hot the 4th episode in our Curtis Radio Show, a «10 songs, vinyl only» selection handpicked and played with love by some of our favourite DJs and diggers from around the globe.
This new show is signed by Katie Louise, a UK born, Barcelona based music lover, avid record collector, and passionate globe-trotter, she has absorbed influences and flavours from every corner of the world where she has been, and as a result has achieved a rich and colourful musical palette that includes african beats, deep funk, garage and many other genres, with the «soul» and «groove» elements as cohesive common factors. A regular in all Movin’ On parties held at Curtis, and very active in the soul music circuit in Barcelona, we are delighted to present this beautiful selection of 10 songs that really matter in Katie Louise’s musical world.
Press Play and enjoy the journey!