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For today’s very special Curtis Radio episode we step into the territory of modern jazz royalty, with a 10 song selection carefully handpicked by italian composer extraordinaire Nicola Conte.
Nicola Conte established himself as one of the finest and most eclectic musicians, producers, and composers in the Italian and international jazz scene. As a classically trained guitarist, bandleader, crate-digger, and DJ, Conte’s journey into music originating from beyond Europe defines his brand of cosmic jazz. A prolific producer,
Conte’s musical oeuvre echoes a spectrum of influences deriving from bossa nova, film soundtracks of the 60’s, spiritual jazz, Latin America, and African music.
It’s an honor and a great pleasure to present this exclusive musical selection curated by Nicola Conte, which showcases in just 10 songs his exuberant, colorful and boundless musical universe. Sit back, relax, turn up the volume and enjoy the musical ride. Food for the soul!